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2019-11-01 — HTTPS

The site is now HTTPS only, for increased security! You can now safely browse the site without worring about Oko spoofing your traffic into 3/3 Elks.

2019-05-27 — Only Active Events

The front page when logged in now only shows a pairing if it is less than 36 hours old. This should reduce confusion about old pairings showing up if your event hasn't started yet or isn't running MTG Pairings.

2019-05-10 — Projector Mode

A new Projector mode has been added for Pairings, Seatings and Standings. In this mode, the interface will be minimized and the page will slowly scroll up and down, making it ideal for use with projectors at large events. Press any key or click to exit the Projector mode. To start it, click the link in the menu at the bottom of the page.

Good luck in the MCQs!

2017-05-18 — Paged and Sorted Leagues

The league list has been more practically sorted in reverse creation order, so that newer leagues are easier to find. I've also split the list into pages and fixed some minor bugs.

2016-10-09 — Paged Event list

Performance had been getting pretty poor when listing all events as the site has become older and more popular. The list is now split into pages, which drops loading times down to almost nothing.

2016-01-14 — League winners and Top Opponent

Happy new year! Today I have added two new features to the League tools.

  • Winners: The list of events on the League page will now display the name of the player that placed first in the event.
  • Top Opponent: On each player's League details (click a name in the list of League participats), you can now see which player that player has played against the most during the League. In case of ties, the best record will be shown. Please note that the statistic will not appear unless you have played against someone at least twice.

I hope you all enjoy the prereleases this weekend!

2015-09-12 — League Statistics and Minor Updates

Today I have made some minor improvents to several areas of the site.

  • A League Statistics page has been added. You can find the link at the bottom of each League's page.
  • Leagues can now be sorted by the number of played events.
  • The event lists now list the number of players in the event, in addition to the date and number of rounds.
  • The DCI-number box on the login page should now display numeric keyboards for Mobile devices.
  • Some performance improvements have been made to score and tiebreak calculations, which should lead to minor loading improvements across the site.


2015-07-12 — Login Changes

I hope you all enjoyed the Magic Origins prereleases! I have created this page to keep a log of the changes to the site, for those that are interested.

Today I made some changes to how the login process works. The "Remember Me" button will now remember your login for up to 30 days after your last log on, up from the previous 2 days. I have also changed the DCI-number verification to only verify the number with if the DCI-number you are trying to log in with has no entries in the database. If this causes any issues for people that have added non-mandatory digits in their DCI-number, or some other strange variation, please email me and I will try to sort it out.

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